Stedelijk Museum: Dana Lixenberg

Dana Lixenberg is a dutch photographer who has photographed a residential area in LA known as the Imperial Courts. She has spent the past 12 years going back and fourth to the area, getting to know the residents; their lives and families.

As she has been getting to know them she has also been photographing them, representing the Imperial Courts as a community rather than just a place where people live. She has created a photobook which features portraits of the community all across the years. But more recently she has created videos and filmed them; she then showed the videos playing alongside one another across three screens.

The screens themselves were huge and the room was black so all you see are the people and their lives and what they do at and around home. You see anything from people sat still to children playing to baby showers and car washes. The videos mesmerise you and it felt like we were sat watching for hours, you couldn’t look away because it felt like you still hadn’t seen everything you wanted to see about the Imperial Courts and its community.

Following the videos, I then re-looked at the photobook; you can identify the people and events that are in her videos and you feel like you have a much better connection and you almost get to know them through Lixenberg’s lenses. Her photographs within the book are truly beautiful, they capture each and every individual so well and you can tell that they are comfortable with her and they trust her.