Shoot 11 – Representation of a drop in blood sugars

Following my previous shoot where I photographed the stickers by suspending them, I decided to try suspending physical objects.

Initially the plan was for the objects to be still, however the images were not how I had envisaged them. Therefore I decided to drop my shutter speed right down and tap the objects to give them a slight movement, representing the shaking feeling I get when my blood sugars are dropping low.

Rather than producing one image with this style, I wanted to create a series that represented the process of going from regular level blood sugars to low. Therefore, I did one still image showing the normal level, then just moving the needle, to show the slight drop and then finally, moving all the objects to represent what a hypo feels like.

I am pleased with this set of three, as it is different to the move still life style that I have done previously, it feels like a better step in the right direction. However, I want to experiment again with this idea of movement to represent blood sugar levels in a more mundane way that non-diabetic people would understand.