Second Test Shoot

Following the first shoot last week, one of my main issues was the lack of colour. So I wanted to try a few different background colours this time round, but I also realised some of the kit I use is actually a lot more colourful that I’ve realised! So I tried to play with the colour of the kit alongside the colours I was using for the background.

I experimented with a lot more items this time around too, meaning that I could create more of a composition and organised photograph. But by using multiples of items, I played with my focus quite a lot, working on a 1.8 F stop. Meaning the blur on other items was very heavy but you could still make out the silhouette of the item which is what I wanted as ultimately the focus of the images is just for one thing.

A perfect example of the layering the photograph above. I chose to use a blue background and then take my testing strips which are black and white, but kept in a yellow container, so rather than trying to photograph the container against the blue, I decided to tip them out and work the black and white to complement the blue but then use the yellow to contrast the rest of the image.

This this shot and focus being so close, I decided to try experimenting with needles. I was very conscious that they could get lost in the photograph because they’re so fine. However, I opted to do this test shoot at around 7:30pm so the sun was starting to set, meaning it wasn’t quite as bright as the previous shoot and there was not as much bounce on the white or metallic items. The light just highlighted them more instead which is exactly what I wanted!

Rather than just photographing one needle, I decided to use all of the ones that are currently in use on their pens and line them up together, so that I could focus on one, ideally towards the centre of the line and then the others would fall out of focus but it’s almost blindingly obvious that they’re still there.

This is a great example too of the different colours within my kit, it’s weird because I’ve never noticed how colourful it all is until you put it together, usually I just use them one by one and at different times throughout the day so they’re never together with the lids off!

The only thing I did notice and I still haven’t decided if it’s a good thing or a bad thing, but in the photo above the blue background has become a more grey, I didn’t notice at the time and I don’t know if it’s because the other photos stand out so much or just because the light at that exact moment changed? Who knows but I’d be curious to see the photo with a background as bright at the pens to see if it would be too much?