Richard M’s Group Seminar

Following last weeks seminar with Yan & Stella, I decided to cancel my studio bookings and focus on a new way of photographing. I want to focus on water, more specifically sites of water from my childhood, before I was diagnosed with my diabetes.

I want to look at the beach, Falling Foss, Peasholm Park & Glen, Raincliffe Woods stream and Forge Valley.

As I part of my research, I dug through the British Journal of Photography archive to find previous artists who have used water in their photography to show narratives, emotions and feeling. I discovered photographers like Colin Dodgson and Jason Koxvold. These are their images:

I also took these research images with me to our seminar with Richard, along with the blue hypo work. Here are the notes I took from the lecture:

  • Find a connection with the water.
  • Don’t just limit yourself to water though.
  • Look at water as an indication of change, the floods and the rain.
  • Force of nature, floods are complete chaos.
  • Floods obliterate normality, especially in comparison to health.
  • Water has to find its home.
  • Shoot quite wide, but also be considered?
  • Think, contemplate and connect with what you’re shooting.