Print & Bleaching

I began this next step by printing all the photographs from both shoots so far and a handful of self portraiture images that relate to my diabetes; that includes events where I have been taking part in aid of DiabetesUK and images of kit on me.

After printing them, I scattered them in the bath to spray with a variety of different products to all try and make the colours run from the images. However, it turned out none of those original 4 products worked. So I bought a different product with a higher bleach content. This worked much more successfully and drew out the colours from the ink.

I am happy with the images, they pull out the reds and oranges that seem to make up the majority of colours from these particular prints, it always personally reminds me of fire which I think is a strong and appropriate connotation for my work.

The image below is my favourite because the image itself only focuses on one specific pen but then the ink bleach damage pushes that further.