Portfolio Review Day: Laura Burgess

On Thursday I had the opportunity to show my current work to Laura Burgess and get her thoughts and feedback on both my previous studio work and current location work, here are the key points I took from her.

Feedback from Laura Burgess:

  • interesting crop of the full size landscapes.
  • far more interesting than the full landscape.
  • you can’t tell what they are, very abstract, there’s emphasis on movement.
  • old stuff is like an NHS advert – commercial.
  • two different stances on one subject.
  • new work is based on movement, whereas the old is more static.
  • some look so calm, yet so fast at the same time. You can see a lot of motion and movement, they’re calm and stressful at the same time
    diabetes is unpredictable, you can control it but theres an underlying thing that you cannot control.
  • more of a literal representation of the above.
  • the ripples are like the shakes from a hypo.
  • take time to sit with the new work.
  • interesting how there’s different colours, you could try grouping them together.
  • try to separate the uplifting from the dark?
  • try connecting the blood sugar levels with the water.
  • natural elements so the work will always be changing and never the same.
  • is it a story or a metaphor?
  • do the images connect to certain bits of diabetes?
  • frantic movement but overall calming images.
  • water produces current, there is always something there and underlying element – similar to diabetes.
  • try taking the water, could I photograph the water from the different sites?