Photography Pop-Up Exhibition

The final year of my course has organised a pop-up exhibition in one of the sold shop spaces in Huddersfield town centre. Between us we all re-painted the space so it was ready for our work to go up, we then installed all the work together like we have for previous interim exhibitions.

Do to knowing that I was going to print a series of 16 individual images, I decided not to use frames as it would potentially be too heavy on the wall in frames, so instead I decided to frame the work within the print with a white border. I knew I wanted to hang the work with a reasonable (1.5cm) gap between the images so that they sat individually, yet were still seen as one piece of work.

Due to my area of the exhibition not being a smooth surface, instead being a textured wall paper, I wanted to put the work up with double sided sticky pads, this would lift the work slightly off the wall paper therefore not compromising the textures of the print and making them all sit smoothly.

Our exhibition will open to the public on Monday 2nd March at 5pm.