Personal Practice Portfolio

First test shoot for Advanced Research Strategies, I want to begin exploring my type 1 diabetes with photography and art. I wanted to begin by photographing my insulin, which is what keeps me alive daily! But I also wanted to photograph the insulin on a coloured background that would contrast the colours of the branding of Novorapid. I bought a selection of coloured papers that I could photograph items on that would stand out against their packaging.

Due to being at home rather than uni, I had to make do to create a studio environment with the best light and environment for the photograph. So I chose to set up on the table by a large window so that I would get a lot of natural light but not a window where sun was shining directly through the window.

There was still shadow due to it being a bright day but there was no way of removing it, so instead I tried to make the shadow be more of an element in the photograph.

Overall I am happy with how the photographs have come out, but I want them to be more bright in colour overall, the green backdrop to this shoot looks a bit too muted in colour, so when it comes to bleaching the printed photograph, I don’t think many colour elements will run from it.

I need to look into getting some bolder colours for future shoots! I also need to have a look at the difference between the insulin that I have in glass versus other kinds of items I have.

I did try a photograph with no background which seems to be a lot more acceptable in terms of the contrast but the background it too dark for the kind of work I want to produce with the layering. See image below.