Individual Tutorial with Liam


  • The relationship between the framework you’re exploring needs to drive the images you’re making
  • How do we use the images to fabricate the story?
  • How important are the locations to the photographs?
  • What does the water carry? Is it symbolism – current?
  • Flow of the tide
  • So many things that could happen with the water but we’ll never know
  • Does water in a stream carry the same significance at the sea?
  • Water evaporates up into the air to fill the clouds to create rain
  • If there’s a clarity of thinking, use the emotional reason
  • Your relationship as a photographer to these places
  • Get the reader to understand the complexity of living with diabetes
  • It doesn’t define you but it is a part of your character
  • Also explore your own complex relationship with it
  • Why not look at the light? Or another element of the places