Guest Lecture: Richard Page

Richard Page is a landscape and documentary photographer, he shoots on a medium format film camera and he came to speak to us about his most recent ongoing projects: Looking for Cervantes | Loosing Velzquez and The Dialogue of the Dogs.

  • Looked into the story behind the buried body of the Miguel de Cevantes, author of Don Quixote (based in Madrid)
  • Similar story of the unfound body happened 20 years earlier with a famous Spanish painter, Diego Velázquez.
  • He tried to dig up the past and locate something.
  • His photographs have no direct relationship with the uncovering of the bodies, they just allude to the idea of it.
  • Photographing via traces.
  • He was alludes to something being there, but it cannot be photographed directly.
  • Traces and spaces; haunted spaces.
  • Wanted to know more about the history of Spain – relating back to the civil war and all the bodies and missing graves from that time.
  • The Spaniards, dug up bodies, photographed then and then buried them again!
  • In Spain the dead are more alive than the dead of any other place in the world. – Frederico Gracia Lorca, 1933
  • Overall the work is very melancholy, yet still contains colour and hope in that colour.
  • He discovered Christopher Columbus, who travelled more dead than alive.
  • Retraced some of the steps of Miguel de Cervantes for The Dialogue of the Dogs.
  • What we already know photobook.
Olive Tree, 2015 from The Dialogue of the Dogs. Found here.
Stars, 2015 from Looking for Cervantes | Loosing Velzquez. Found here.