Guest Lecture: Jack Latham

Jack came to speak to us about his latest project and photobook: Parliament of Owls. The work is based upon California’s Bohemian Grove and the secret meetings of the Bohemian Club; a club of all-white, all-male elites with in the United States of America

Throughout his research he spoke to protestors like Mary Moore, connected with people who wrote about the Bohemian Club including John Ronson and Peter Phillips, Phillips actually used to be a member of the Bohemian Club.

He researched far and wide, spending hours watching old archive film footage, reading old reports and articles and looking through thousands of pre-existing images and speaking to the people that lived near Bohemian Grove. This led me to think that I personally probably limit my research too much, so he has taught me to look into everything from ever angle and this is an approach I want to take on for my FMP.

Another key thing that Jack mentioned throughout his talk was when you are in the midst of all this research, sometimes it is best to reduce it back to just a single word, in Jack’s case that was ‘Owls’. This is also an approach I want to try with my own work as I think it will help to keep it more on track.