Creation of @BAPhotoHudd2020

I really struggled at the beginning of lockdown with producing or doing my work because my creativity was gone and due to being high risk, I couldn’t see anyone and I just generally missed our uni environment and the way we all bounce off one another when it comes to our work, especially when I was used to living with some of the girls that are on our course, and now I was back home with my parents.

I spoke to Liam about this on a zoom call and he gave me the idea of creating something for everyone on the course that helped our work and being seen int he industry that could also possible bring us closer together. So I had the idea of create our own instagram page to showcase who we were and the work we’re creating.

I began by getting photos of everyone so we could introduce the class, but also asking everyone what their favourite final year memory was, this way it was something we could all look back on and the stories were making everyone laugh and smile.

Then we shared lots of group photos of us all and then we began to share the work that was being produced. At the moment I am uploading one image from each persons project, their working titles and then the photograph of them so people could see who it was creating the work rather than just a name.

Once these are all uploaded, I will just upload a constant stream of everyones work. It is a nice working project that we all have a hand in, that will last us hopefully until our Graduation and we can all see each other again!

Find the instagram page here: