Amsterdam: Stedelijk Museum

Amsterdam’s Stedelijk Museum is a museum of modern art. It’s always good to see such a variety of art, all knowing that it comes from a modern age, compared to more historical pieces of art and work.

Spread across multiple floors and layers, there is work from artists like Carlos Amorales, Barbara Kruger, Cindy Sherman and even Man Ray.

As much as it is incredible to see the work of photographers like Ray and Sherman, especially Cindy Sherman’s portrait of Marilyn Monroe in person, the work I was really fascinated by was Amorales and Kruger due to the scale there work was. Amorales created multiple rooms that were all painted white and then covered with black paper moths. He called it Black Cloud. You felt like you were in the work, which I guess you were. It was fascinating to be so engulfed in what originated as a dream he had: It began with a dream about a room full of moths, an image so powerful that he immediately wanted to materialise it as an artwork.

Finally, Barbara Kruger’s installation: Untitled (Past, Present, Future). Her installation spans the walls, floor and stairs of a room that you can enter via the top or enter from escalators on the bottom floor, either way the scale is incomprehensible. I was struck by her use of a quote from George Orwell’s 1984 dystopian novel I read back in secondary school. I guess some books never leave you, but it’s even more memorable for me personally when they’re then combined with art.