Amsterdam: Huis Marseille

Huis Marseille is the first photographic museum in Amsterdam, covering a number of floors, the main exhibition they were showcasing was: Outside Fashion – Fashion photography from the Studio to Exotic Lands (1900-1969).

The first photographs I saw were taken by Henry Clarke, beautiful photographs taken from 1955 – 1960 of fashion couture around the world. The above shows an Evening dress by Givenchy, the Alhambra, Grenada, Spain, 1958. Sadly the photograph I took does not do justice to the scale, beauty of quality of the image. The images themselves are timeless and they simply could not be recreated no matter how or who tried.

His work was also being shown at the end of the room on a square, full bleed projection which literally places the photograph in front of your eyes on a full scale. The colours in the projections from the photograph are beautiful and capture the landscape as well as the fashion and the model. They just don’t look real, they have such a magical quality to them.

Another piece of work in the Huis Marseille that fascinated me was created by Arja Hop & Peter Svenson called Florachromes: a story of four rivers.

They created all of the colours that are shown on this wall by fusing photography and ‘botanical alchemy’. In an imaginative and remarkable way: they extract pigment from a plant, apply it directly to analogue film and print it. And each individual pigment creates its own unique colour.