Amsterdam: FOAM

FOAM, also known as Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam, shows a wide variety of work from up and coming, as well as established photographic artists. It featured Adorned – an exhibition showcasing the up and coming including Ambroise Tezenas & Frederic Delangle whose work is featured below called Sneakers like Jay-Z.

I loved the way this work was exhibited because they chose to show the images all in a line within close proximity of one another, but also to include titles and the paragraphs underneath within the frame, making the text equally as important as the image. This is something I may want experiment with in my own work as it may require text so it would be interesting to see how it looks as part of the image too.

FOAM also showed work from Wright Morris; an established American author who began photographing the very thing he wrote about. I was fascinated by his work because of the artistic connection to literature, it created a more literal scene than the ones you create in your mind when you read.

What it is to be American.

There’s no on thing to cover people, no one sky. There’s no one dream to sleep with the people, no one prayer. There’s no one hope to rise with the people, no on way or one work for the people, no one sun or one moon for the people, no one star. For these people are the people and this is their land. And there’s no need to cover such people – they cover themselves.

Wright Morris.